China's Overall Network Infrastructure is Now Able to Fully Support IPv6


At the Global IPv6 Deployment and Prospects Seminar 2020-2021 on June 21, Wen Ku, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), stated that the modern Internet had a profound influence on the global economic structure, distribution of benefits, and security landscape. IPv6 will be the ultimate milestone in the construction of network infrastructure and industrial ecology. Promoting IPv6 deployment is a vital prerequisite for improving national IT strength, accelerating national informatization, promoting economic and social progress, and gaining new advantages in future global competition.

According to Wen Ku, as a result of joint efforts by the three major telecommunications companies, CDN companies, and data center companies, China’s overall network infrastructure is now able to fully support IPv6. In terms of infrastructure application, data centers, cloud products, and content distributors now have gained preliminary ability to support IPv6 across China's overall network infrastructure. The number of users and user traffic have both seen significant growth.

"The next step is to make IPv6 more useful and more attractive to users. The overall network upgrade is the foundation. We need more companies and experts to work together to upgrade IPv6, and improve the Internet’s quality and functions, so as to let IPv6 benefit everyone," Wen Ku said.


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